Electronics Dismantling:

We are one of Saskatchewan’s SARCAN Electronics Recycling and Dismantling Facilities. This means that you can drop off your used electronics equipment at our SARCAN depot to be dismantled.

!!! Due to increased amount of appliances and garbage that have been illegally dumped at our SARCAN location, we feel the need to remind our community about what electronics can be recycled at Estevan SARCAN. Please read.

This includes video equipment, audio equipment, telephones, cameras, televisions and computers.
For a complete list of all electronics included in this program visit the following website:



Paint Recycling:

The province of Saskatchewan has issued a Waste Paint Management Regulation. The regulation requires the paint industry to manage a consumer take-back program in Saskatchewan for leftover household paint. As part of this regulation, used paint cans can be dropped off without charge at any SARCAN depot in the province.

As part of this regulation, all SARCAN depots have a supply of reusable paint on hand that is available to the public. This paint is free of charge, but customers must sign a waiver form before removing it from our depots. This paint is not inspected and cannot be guaranteed.

For a complete list of all paint products included in this program visit the following website:



SARCAN Recycling:

SARCAN is the deposit beverage container recycler for Saskatchewan. SARCAN not only recycles beverage containers but the depots and processing plants have a mandate to maximize the employment of persons with disabilities.
Estevan Diversified Services contracts to operate the SARCAN depot in Estevan.

Depot Location: 1402 6th Street
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

SARCAN will accept and pay deposits on all beverage containers currently legislated for sale in Saskatchewan. This includes virtually all non-refillable beverage containers including:

Pop, water, juice, wine, alcohol, and non-refillable beer bottles whether glass, plastic, aluminium or other metals.



***SARCAN cannot accept milk jugs, cream cartons, nor can we accept half and half cartons.

For further information on SARCAN visit their website at:



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